Membership Benefits

  • List & sell unlimited number of items free
  • No listing or final value fee on sold items
  • Receive our Monthly Newsletter
  • Free listing in our Club Directory
  • List your swap meets & events free and we will even send an email to all our members reminding them of your event.
  • Become an Affiliate of My Vintage & earn money for your Club or Branch

More Information

The purpose of Club Membership is to help all those clubs and Branches with stocks of spare parts the opportunity to turn over their stock and generate more income. Many of these items have been sitting in the corner for 20 years or more and someone out there is looking for those special parts.

All we ask is that the Club or Branch have at least 1 person dedicated to listing items on My Vintage on a regular basis. In return we give you an unlimited number of listings free of charge, so your club gets to keep all the profits! Club membership does not have buying privileges.

This membership is not intended for the club members use to list their own items. If any club members wish to buy or sell items on My Vintage they are encouraged to join one of our membership plans.

With our Club Membership Plan you become eligible to join our Club Affiliate Partnership program with the potential of earning monthly donations/commissions from My Vintage.

Items listed for sale must relate to vehicles 25 years and older.

For further information please read our Terms and Conditions

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